Cordjia was formed in 2007 as a holding company to invest in, or seed and grow organically, companies with bright futures which could be spurred to outstanding growth through a combination of Cordjia’s financial and intellectual capital. The following year Cordjia launched four new businesses; Cordjia Technology Services, Cordjia Capital Projects Group, Cordjia Business Advisory Services and Cordjia Private Equity. CTS (later renamed DecisivEdge) also developed and launched CorVant as an independent line of business. All of these companies deliver unique and high-quality services to a broad range of highly-recognized clients and is directed by at least one of Cordjia’s four founders. Each business reflected an opportunity to put Cordjia’s unique assets to work and for Cordjia’s founders to use their deep business experience and industry contacts to generate superior returns. Cordjia also formed two limited partnership to make a small number of private equity investments in promising third party firms.

In 2012 and 2013 Cordjia successfully spun out all of its organically developed businesses as self-sustaining, independent companies which are still lead by at least one of Cordjia founders. Cordjia also exited each of the third party private equity investments that it made. In 2014 the holding company, Cordjia LLC, was dissolved.