About Cordjia

Cordjia was founded in 2007 by Shane Flynn, Frank McKelvey, Navroze Eduljee and Blaine Buck. We created the company based on a strong desire, after nearly two decades of working together building value at large world-class companies, to work in an entrepreneurial environment to bring new ideas, services and products to market. Cordjia provided a combination of financial capital, deep business expertise and the ability to recruit tremendously talented people.

Together, we have negotiated multi-million-dollar marketing and distribution partnerships, developed industry-leading marketing intelligence technologies, and acquired unmatched operational experience while leading some of the largest and most effective sales and operations units in the U.S. and Europe. As a group we have over 100 years of combined operating experience which, allows us to evaluate new business opportunities and cultivate their development. This lead us launch four successful new companies who have each established a respected position in their market and serve highly recognizable and discerning customers.

We are extremely proud of the high quality group of people who joined us in our work at the companies that we have formed. Individually, they represent some of the most talented individuals in their specialties. Collectively, they comprise one of the finest business teams in the country.